Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trending: Wedged Sneaker

isabel marant came out with her amazeballs wedge sneakers (sneakers with a heel built in -genius idea that should've been thought of before..), and since then they've steadily become a staple for celebrities and stylish woman all around the world... we were in love but cautious as they seemed a bit "trendy," and they totally are..but it looks like they aren't going anywhere any time soon, AND after hearing that they are also uber comfy.. we've caved..... here are a few pics, 

BEWARE: you will most likely end up getting a pair for yourself after viewing...don't worry...there are other designers/stores that offer the style that won't break the bank. ;)

Blogger Julie Sarinana in the black with shorts + camo jacket + sunnies

Jessica Alba in the black

cute beige and black marants

amy poehler!

ann hathaway in the black

in the black with adorable dress + studded jean jacket!

miranda dang stylish while carrying around baby 

matching nude celine bag and marants

beyonce street style in the black + leather pants + beanie + sunnies <3

ashley simpson in the sneaks and a more boho look

love the black + matching black celine bag + beanie + sunnies + amazeballs green leather pants

blue ones..

how else could someone look this stylish while texting and sitting on a red pipe...

in the black + long coat + sunnies, and looking like an important person... 

can't forget the classics

isabel marant in her own sneaks...must be nice

"could i have that?" blogger in a pair from target + matching black celine bag

nicky hilton in the black + james jeans twiggy slate!

new marants in her fall 2013 runway


*images via pinterest

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